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GSM Network Wireless Plans

Our GSM Network is compatible with most 2G, 3G & 4G LTE most all GPS tracking devices and smart watches.

Our Nationwide Roaming service coverage is T-Mobile Roaming.

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Standard or Plus 30 Day Plans

30 Days Plan Details:
Standard Plan: 50 MINUTES – 100 SMS – 100 MB – 30 DAYS – $7.99
Plus Plan: 25 MINUTES – 175 SMS – 175 MB – 30 DAYS – $7.99

Standard/Plus 30 Days Plans

Choose Plan
Sim Card Number

Standard/Plus 30 Days with Auto-Refill
Choose Plan
Sim Card Number

Flex 30 Day Plans

This plan is best if you need to send a text/sms to get your devices location.

30 Days Plan Details:
Domestic: Min/Talk | SMS/Text | per MB | 250/375/500 Credits
CAN-MEX: 32¢ per Min/Talk | 4¢ per  SMS/Text | 7¢ per MB

Flex 30 Days

Sim Card or Phone Number

Flex 30 Days with Auto-Refill
Auto-Refill Amount
Sim Card or Phone Number

Refill/Stack A Plan

Refill/Stack A Plan: Your selected refill plan will be stacked on your account and will apply by the Current Cycle End Date.

Refill/Stack A Plan
Sim Card # or Phone Number

Switch/Replace A Plan

Switch/Replace Current Plan: We will switch & replace your current 30 day plan with your new selected 30 day plan, you will loose any remaining days and/or services of your current plan.

New Plan
Sim Card# or Phone Number

Coban Tracker Platform & Phone APP Plan

No Contracts – No Credit Check – No Hidden Fees – Cancel Anytime – Hassle Free


Compatible with most all GSM smartwatches That uses 2g, 3g, 4g LTE
sim card
GPS Trackers
SIM Cards & wireless plans for locating and tracking cars,
motorcycles, containers, fleets and more.
Kids & Senior Trackers
Connectivity for monitoring your children and senior members of your
family case of an emergency.
Pet Trackers
Find your lost pet or monitor your outdoor pet’s activity with
reliable tracking using our SIM card & wireless plans.



All you need is a GPS tracker and a mapping phone app or platform


Where is my SIM card number?
SIM card number is located at the bottom of your SIM card


How To Configure Your Device