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General Device Setup Instructions

READ: We sell the sim card and wireless service for gps trackers and smart watches.

You will need to setup our APN configuration on your tracker for the wireless service to make connection.

Our service activation is a simple one-step process, but the device configuration can be confusing if you have never done it before, so make sure the seller for your gps tracker offers technical support to help you configure your device.

GPS Tracker & Smart watch Basic Setup Instructions:

Quick GPS Tracker Device Setup:

  1. Activate your SIM Card on our website.
  2. With your device powered off, insert the SIM Card into your device and power on.
  3. Set APN: Use a cell phone to send a text message with our APN to your device, you should get a reply from your device.
    • APN: Mobilenet
    • APN username: none
    • APN password: none
    • IP Address: Dynamic
    • Data Roaming
  4. Enable data roaming (if applicable)

We also use APN Settings:

  • APN: wholesale
  • MMS URL: http://wholesale.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
  • MCC MNC: 310 260
  • Username: not applicable, leave it blank
  • Password: not applicable, leave it blank

Check the activation message sent to you for your APN settings

Quick Smart Watch Setup:

Activate your SIM card on our website

1) Our sim cards APN: “mobilenet” each SIM card only supports 1 APN. The APN is printed on the SIM card

You will need the smartwatch manual for command & password information

2) (follow the steps in the correct order)

a) Punch out SIM card size
b) Turn off device
c) Insert sim card
d) Turn device on
e) Wait for 3 minutes
f) Use a cell phone to send a text message with our APN to your device, you should get a reply from your device.

3) The APN is mobilenet,
Example: pw,123456,apn,mobilenet,,,310260#

4) Wait for 20 minutes, take out sim card, Turn off your watch, keep watch off, Insert sim card for the last time, Turn your device back on, wait for 3 minutes, open app, set SOS number, if you can set SOS number, watch already work

5) If your device wont connect to internet check your device IP, APN, and GPRS

1) After turning on the device there is a test period before it can connect to internet. Be patient and wait approximately 20 minutes.
2) When updating the APN setting of your device, it may take up to 2 hours for the device to apply the new internet and APN settings of the SIM card
3) If your device (watch) doesn’t work/ device offline, check to see if your device is registered correctly on the app . (For example In US you might register your device to use the North America setting)

NOTE: Because some devices are made different our setup instruction may not be accurate and you may need to consult your device manual for setup instructions and commands for your gps device, we do not supply any phone apps our platform for monitoring(unless specified as part of a plan), please contact the device manufacture or seller for this information.